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Lince 2.0
Total control of your motion cockpit

Lince 2.0

* Download your Lince 2.0 Demo Version free trial.


Get total control of your motion cockpit and racing displays

Lince 2.0 is the first software to control motion cockpits and racing displays by offering professional performance for virtual pilots. Lince 2.0 extracts the telemetry of the simulators and executes different algorithms to perform the calculation in order to get data for the positioning systems and visualization devices.

Lince 2.0

It was created by the same standards of software architecture, design and development as used in the environment of the satellite communications, and which requires years of experience. As a result a high capacity product with low resource consumption and excellent usability was created.

Compatible with the majority of the devices used for the construction of the motion cockpits (actuators, displays, motion boxes). It offers you a perfect integration with your favorite simulators.
Cloud profiles
Possibility to use the profiles in any simulator and device. Moreover all your profiles will be saved on our servers. Keeps your ideal configuration always handy.
Ease and powerful
Easy to configure from the most used 2dof, 3dof, 4dof systems up to 6dof motion platforms! Logykal offers you to personalize your Lince according your needs.
Continuous development
We know that the world of simulation evolves every day. Therefore our Lince software gets regular and free updates which are automatically detected by the system itself. For nothing could stop you.

* Download your Lince 2.0 Demo Version free trial.

Lince 2.0 Motion
Lince 2.0 Motion Config
Lince 2.0 Displays


  • Logykal Gravity actuators. from 100/150/200mm, supported weight: more than 200kg at 250mm/s.
  • Actuators Dyadic SCN5 / Dyadic SCN6 from 100/150/200mm with different supported forces: 20/40/60kgpf
  • Frex and SimExperience actuators compatibility
  • Logykal actuators. It is still being developed, but it might offer better performance and more attractive price as those of Dyadic.
  • Safety belt. It allows finding out the moments of acceleration and deceleration.
  • 2dof motion platform acceleration on 3 axis: pitch, roll ad yaw.
  • 3dof motion platform the same effects as for 2DOF adding up the sensation of the loss of rear power distribution.
  • Floating Systems with 3 or 4 actuators (vertical accelerations) and 6dof motion platform (Hexapods).


  • Logykal Motion Gravity
  • Logykal Motion Box Pro
  • 100% compatibility with the SimXperience communication boxes
  • Frex systems compatibility (through a change in the communication box).


  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Lenght
  • Max G’s
  • Deviation G´s
  • Acceleration G’s
  • Smoothness
  • Laterals G’s
  • Verticals G’s
  • Pitch G’s
  • Roll G’s
  • Yaw G’s
  • Softness

  • Logykal Origins display
  • Logykal Evolution (in development)
  • XtremeRacer display
  • Leo Bodnar F1 SLI display
  • Leo Bodnar F1 PRO display


  • Gear
  • RPM
  • Speed
  • Fuel pressure
  • Fuel temperature
  • Fuel level
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil temperature
  • Oil level
  • Water temperature
  • Water level
  • Positioning in the race
  • Remaining laps
  • Remaining fuel
  • Last lap consumption
  • Current lap time
  • Last lap time
  • Best lap time
  • Flags
  • Engine alarms
  • Delta of the current lap time compared to best lap (GAP)



  • [iRacing] iRacing
  • [Kunos simulazione] Assetto Corsa | Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • [WMD] pCars | pCars2
  • [ISI] RFactor 1 | RFactor 2
  • [Reiza Studios] Game Stock Car | Automobilista
  • [SimBin] GTR | GTR2 | GT Legends | Race | Race07 + Expansion Pack | RaceRoom
  • [Codemasters] F1 Series | Dirt Series | GRID Series 
  • [Ubisoft] The Crew 
  • [Piboso] Kart Racing Pro 
  • [LFS] Life for Speed 
  • [SCSI] Richards Burns Rally 
  • [SCS Software] EuroTruck Simulator 2 | American Truck Simulator


  • [Laminar Research] XPlane series
  • [Microsoft] Flight Simulator 2020 & FSX
  • [Lockhedd Martin] Prepar 3D
  • [Disgital Combat Simulator] DCS World
  • [Benchmark Sims | Billion Soft | Microprose] Falcon 4 BMS
  • [1C Company] IL2 Cliff of Dover

* Our software is under continuous development; if your simulation software is not in the above list, keep visiting our support forums to check if it will be supported in the next Lince release.


  • S.O.: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 32/64 bits
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6
  • x86/x64 3.0 GHz Processor. Ref: i7 2600K 3.4GHz, 1% of consumption with all dispositives connected and running
  • Memory: aprox. 100Mb

Lince 2.0 supports the most common hardware in simulation.

Mirai Inter-tech
Mirai Inter-tech
Leo Bodnar Electronics
Lince 2.0
LINCE 2.0 Full version
Full license acquisition.
Motion Cockpits + Racing Displays Control
Up to 10 activations
LINCE 2.0 Motion version
Motion Cockpits
license acquisition
Up to 10 activations
LINCE 2.0 Displays version
Racing Displays control
license acquisition
Up to 10 activations
Lince 2.0
customized version



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