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Maximum reliability,
transmission of your simulator’s telemetry in real time
After a thorough analysis of your needs as pilots, we went one step further pushing to the limit our technical capabilities and developed an actuator that is specifically designed to be used in motion cockpits.
Power and speed
With a mechanical capacity to move up to 200 kg of weight at 500mm / s speed and a 150mm track per actuator, this beast without a doubt offers pure sensations.
Total control
Combined with our own Lince 2.0 motion software, you will have a total control of your actuators. Including as well dynamic control of cabin weights.
Manufacturing and materials
Made entirely of high resistance steel and aluminum with high quality anodized finishes, it guarantees perfect and seamless operation at a maximum performance and extreme loads.
Security and anchorage
Your safety is the most important issue for us. All our systems come with a standard emergency stop button and necessary anchors for your movement cabin approved by LK.
Plug & Play
The Gravity system is completely Plug & Play, being able to configure multi-axis systems according to your needs, since it uses a single USB 3.0 cable to communicate up to 4 of them with a PC.
Warranty and location
Gravity is designed and manufactured entirely in Spain by Logykal. As a European company we offer support, warranty and immediate availability.

  • Logykal Gravity.
  • 2dof motion platform acceleration on 3 axis: pitch, roll ad yaw.
  • 3dof motion platform the same effects as for 2DOF adding up the sensation of the loss of rear power distribution.
  • 4dof motion platform.
  • Floating Systems with 2,3 or 4 actuators (vertical accelerations) and 6dof motion platform (Hexapods).


  • Logykal Motion Gravity


  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Lenght
  • Max G’s
  • Deviation G´s
  • Acceleration G’s
  • Braking G’s
  • Laterals G’s
  • Verticals G’s
  • Pitch G’s
  • Roll G’s
  • Yaw G’s
  • Softness


Type: LK-Gravity actuator

Dimensions: 550 x 60 x 60 mm

Path length: 150/200/250mm or customized according to your requirements.

Power: 600 W / 3.5 A

Speed: 250 mm/s

Load Supported: 200 kg

Load Capacity: 351 kg

Actuator Weight: 4.6 kg

Actuator Communication: RS485 Serial Port

Limits: By Software

Degree of protection: IP64


Dimensions: 464 x 274 x 180 mm

In*: AC 220v 10A 50/60hz

PC Communication: USB 3.0

Emergency stop: Switch

* For countries outside the EU where your network is different from 220v, a transformer will be required.



  • [iRacing] iRacing
  • [Kunos simulazione] Assetto Corsa | Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • [WMD] pCars | pCars2
  • [ISI] RFactor 1 | RFactor 2
  • [Reiza Studios] Game Stock Car | Automobilista
  • [SimBin] GTR | GTR2 | GT Legends | Race | Race07 + Expansion Pack | RaceRoom
  • [Codemasters] F1 Series | Dirt Series | GRID Series 
  • [Ubisoft] The Crew 
  • [Piboso] Kart Racing Pro 
  • [LFS] Life for Speed 
  • [SCSI] Richards Burns Rally 
  • [SCS Software] EuroTruck Simulator 2 | American Truck Simulator


  • [Laminar Research] XPlane series
  • [Microsoft] Flight Simulator 2020 & FSX
  • [Lockhedd Martin] Prepar 3D
  • [Disgital Combat Simulator] DCS World
  • [Benchmark Sims | Billion Soft | Microprose] Falcon 4 BMS
  • [1C Company] IL2 Cliff of Dover

* Our software is under continuous development; if your simulation software is not in the above list, keep visiting our support forums to check if it will be supported in the next Lince release.


1 – Motion Box Gravity 2DOF / 3DOF / 4DOF

1 – Lince 2.0 Motion Software License

1 – Emergency Switch

1 – EU Cable (IEC-60320-C19 to Schuko CEE 7/7)

1 – USB A/B Cable

2 to 4 – Anclajes a estructura según tipo de sistema


  • S.O.: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10 32/64 bits
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6
  • x86/x64 3.0 GHz Processor. Ref: i7 2600K 3.4GHz, 1% of consumption with all dispositives connected and running.
  • Memory: aprox. 100Mb
Why use a
LK Gravity system?
Our LK Gravity actuators are built entirely with metallic elements in steel and aluminum of first quality, there are no structural parts in plastic or polymer materials that in the medium / short term would not support the inertia created by the movement. Gravity guarantees a high level of demand offering a balanced structure and adequate rigidity, without accusations of fatigue of material in its use over time. By using only metal parts, in addition to being a long-term investment, we can demand from our actuators their maximum performance without jeopardizing the integrity of the users of the movement platforms.


Our mechanical elements that must withstand the work load are made of steel, with high strength aluminum encapsulation.


The entire exterior is 5052 magnesium aluminum, used in manufacturing structures and automotive. It combines lightness and resistance, and is anodized in an elegant hard black, with layers of more than 40um to ensure an impeccable and durable finish..

Our LK Gravity actuator has a precision and backslash at the level of any industrial actuator for high loads, with capacity of positions with repeatability greater than 99% and a high precision better than 0.04mm which gives it the best load / acceleration / precision ratio From the market.

A good linear actuator depends on the engine that manages it to deliver its maximum performance. Therefore, we have motorized this actuator with the best servo motor “rotor power / inertia” available. Also equipped with an incremental encoder capable of managing all the precision that the actuator provides.

Our servodriver communicates directly with the computer through an individual RS485 port and through Modbus industrial protocol, which greatly improves communication by not relying on intermediate elements such as G-code generators through additional processors such as Arduinos, ARM’s and the like or circuits Information distributors to manage their positions sequentially.


We communicate each actuator directly from the PC through its own COM port and directly to its RS485 input.


In this way we totally eliminate the waiting times between positioning instructions, approaching a real-time transmission thousands of times faster and more efficiently than in any other market system.

Direct communication with each drive allows us to manage the system precisely::

  • Know in real time the torque consumption of each actuator.
  • Control of alarms that may appear in servo control, both due to excessive load and any incident or breakdown.
  • Variety of technical parameters for movement software management.

This level of communication allows our Lince 2.0 software to make intelligent decisions in the event that an actuator stops working for whatever reason:

  • Restart the entire system automatically so that the user does not have to stop driving immediately recovering the movement of the cockpit.
  • To cancel the movement of all the actuators taking them to a stable and safe static position.
  • Cancel the movement of any complementary actuator to compensate for the blockage of one of them and continue to feel the correct movement sensations although with fewer control axes.
  • Options predefined by the user in case of unexpected failure, giving more control to users and manufacturers of simulation booths.

The Gravity actuator set is governed by our Gravity Motion Box that incorporates all the safety and control measures required by European machinery regulations, facilitating the connection and commissioning of our system, which is carried out in a few minutes.


The real Plug & Play, plug in the power, connect a single USB to the PC and install the actuators in the chosen configuration.



This infinitely facilitates the integration of the system in any mechanical assembly, saving costs, assembly times, installation errors and all this with the guidance and advice of our technicians who will always be available.

As a European company we offer support, guarantee and immediate availability.

If you have any questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us here, we will be happy to assist you.


Juan Francísco Sánchez Massadi
CEO Logykal Innovative Engineering

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