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Motion Box Pro
Made to last

Logykal Motion Box


Easy and simple,
make your actuators work instantly.

It is made to last and with a prepared power supply to cover the most intense and demanding usage. It will maintain its performance even in highly demanding competitions, such as 24h Iracing resistance.


With up to 250W of power, the power supply of our Motion Box Pro offers the resistance and reliability required for your actuators.

USB 3.0 connection

By one USB cable and from 1 to 4 actuators in parallel, performance is increased a 100% with the Motion Box Pro. Really fast!

High resolution

Your actuators works between 50-60Hz. With Motion Box they will work between 100-120Hz. You will feel each millimetre of the race track.

Emergency stop

Your safety is the most important thing. All the models of Motion Box are provided with an emergency stop button.

Type: Motion Box pro for Diadyc SNC5/SCN6 actuators

Power: 150W – 300w

Dimensions: 276x219x77

Weight: 1.65kg

Input: AC 220v 0,7A 50/60hz

Emergency stop: Interruptor con enclavamiento tipo seta

PC Communication: USB 3.0


Comm SNC5/SCN6: RS485

Power Supply SNC5/SCN6: 24V 3A

Diadyc SCN5 20kgf

Diadyc SCN6 20kgf y 40kgf PNP con vástago hasta 300mm de carrera

La señal de ILK suministrada solo es válida para actuadores Diadyc con lógica PNP. Usar motores de lógica inversa puede producir daños en la controladora del actuador.

1 – Motion Box Professional

1 – Emergency stop Button

1 – Power supply cable EU(IEC-60320-C19 to Schuko CEE 7/7)

2 – H/H connectors for the communication with SCN6

1 – USB cable A/B

Manufactured in aluminium with electrostatic coating, it offers higher resistance to environmental conditions. With upper and side laser-cuts it guarantee adequate cooling of internal elements.

Customize your Motion Box Pro


Motion Box Pro for
two actuators.


SNC5/6 150w


Motion Box Pro for
three actuators.


SNC5/6 250w


Motion Box Pro for
four actuators.


SNC5/6 300w


Motion Box Pro for


SNC5/6 +300w


Customize your own
Motion Box Pro.

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