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Logykal Innovative Engineering

Classics Indycar Series
Since the beginning, Logykal has been present in the competition racing world; it could be said that we have racing in our DNA. Inside these demanding real life racing competitions, we have provided custom solutions for teams that are present in several championships, such as GP3 Series, GP2 Series, etc…

As a consequence of that tight relationship, we have applied the experience acquired from the simulation world, providing professional solutions to virtual pilots all over the world.

One of the activities that Logykal carries out in the simulation world is the sponsorship of the Vortex Sim Racing competition team. We are also proud to announce that Logykal is going to participate as Sponsor of Classic Indycar Series, a reputed official competition that is disputed within iRacing simulation system.

From these lines we would like to wish good luck for every participant, and especially for the members of Vortex Sim Racing team.

Let the the best one win!
Logykal team

Classic Indycar:

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