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Logykal Innovative Engineering

Logykal is proud to have participated, giving support to the prestigious brand IWC Schaffhausen, in the recent International Fine Watchmaking Venue, held last June in Madrid.

Integrated into the IWC stand, to commemorate the market launch of their watch dedicated to the Britsh emblematic fighter aircraft Spitfire, we settled a flight simulator cockpit equipped with one of our movement systems, and a virtual reality rig.

The assembly was composed of:

  • Tubular structure specially made to meet the client requirements
  • Motion Box Pro, 3DOF, with SCN6 40kgf and 150mm travel, linear actuators
  • Oculus® virtual reality glasses
  • Lince v2.0 Software

Visitors had the chance to feel as though they were Spitfire pilots for a few minutes, thanks to the complete immersion obtained through the combined use of our Motion Box Pro, to recreate physical sensations, and the stereoscopic virtual reality glasses, to display the tridimensional environment.

During the exhibition, we had a very positive feedback from the real pilots (one of them an acrobatic pilot) who tested our system, mainly in the aspects related to the flight sensations transmitted by the combined use of Lince software driving the Motion Box Pro 3DOF.

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