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Our electronic engineer, Juan José González Martín, can tell us how the beginnings of Logykal were and how all of us, who are part of the company, face together our future in the world of simulation.

Hi friends.

When I entered the world of simulation (it has been so long ago than I am ashamed to say the number of years), from that moment I had the illusion of being able to turn my hobby into my job.

Who would tell me that today that dream is starting to come true!

In my beginnings I discovered that, like many other fans, I didn’t have the hardware necessary to take the simulation one step further. My knowledge as an engineer allowed me to build the devices I needed, and soon I was doing the same for my friends and colleagues.

It was logical that sooner or later I associated with other friends, each of them an expert in their own field (mechanics and computer science), to form the germ of our current company: Logykal (name that by the way comes from the combination of our nicknames within the world of simulation).

At first, with energy and enthusiasm, we began to support fans who demanded quality hardware that didn’t require to have a degree in engineering to be able to configure and/or use it.

But today, with the experience acquired in those first years, we start a new journey in which we have evolved to become a solid company with a capacity for innovation, development and technical support at the highest level; we must also add the passion that, each of the members of the human team that make up the backbone of Logykal, feel for the simulation.

In our latest products: Motion Box control system and Lince management software, you can clearly see the fruit of that passion and our close contact with the world of simulation.

We have made our work out of our passion, which enables us to have better performance than the rest of companies in the sector, as we are not only committed to simulation by commercial criteria but also in a personal way. That is the best business card we can offer to our current and future customers.

See you soon 🙂

Juan José (Calvorota) González Martín

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